Unhappy body cells

It's About Your Cells, Baby!

When you think about the causes of your fatigue, you probably think first about the quality or quantity of your sleep. Restorative sleep, of course, is essential (which I address in another course).

Equally important is the quality and quantity of the food you eat and the way you move your body.

Your body needs certain things to operate optimally. Each of your cells, whether in your liver or at the tip of your nose, know exactly how to use the nutrients in your food to function the way they were meant to. When you don’t give them what they need, or even provide your cells with something they don’t, they struggle to function well and so do you.

But what exactly do your cells want?

You’re told not to eat fruit because there’s too much sugar; then told that juicing is the way to go.

You’re told to avoid meat; then you’re told to eat nothing but meat.

And what’s the deal with gluten and dairy anyway?

The same goes for exercise.

For the longest time, exercise was synonymous with weight loss and not much else. It’s a 30 billion dollar per year industry in the US after all. Yet, more than 60% of people are overweight. How can that be? On a cellular level, your body needs movement. Without it, your cells lose their energy centers and so do you.

In this course, you will learn:

*The pros and cons of eating different types of food

*How much and what kind of movement are best when you’re already too tired to exercise

*Strategies for getting around the challenges that prevent you from creating new habits and living fully.